People shrugging their shoulders wondering about the cost of dental implants, surrounding a dental implant being bought in a shopping trolley

How Much Are Dental Implants?


Would you be surprised if we told you that a dental implant could cost less than £50 a month or less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee? ☕


That doesn’t seem like much to pay so that you can smile with confidence and be able to eat what you want. Especially when you think of how much we spend nowadays on our cars or on entertainment packages for our TVs!


For us right now it feels like every time we see a new show we want to watch we have to buy a new streaming service. I’ve actually lost track of how many we have now – Netflix, Disney+, Now, Amazon Prime… the list goes on!

Implant Care at Coatbridge Family Dental Care


At Coatbridge Family Dental Care we’ve been providing implant care since 2014. Our Clinical Director, Keith Preston, has placed hundreds of implants and in 2019 was awarded the prestigious Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons in England.

Keith Preston, dentist at Coatbridge Family Dental Care wearing a graduation gown, on day of receiving his Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons, England
Keith Preston, dentist, talking to a patient at Coatbridge Family Dental Care about the cost of a dental implant.

Many people who come to see us are scared to smile because they have a gap or dentures that are loose. Others want to be able to eat their favourite foods again or for their mouth to feel comfortable.


When we tell them that dental implants can really improve their lives and that the cost of implants is now much more affordable than it used to be, it really puts a big smile on their faces.

How Much Are Dental Implants in the UK?


A survey into the cost of dental treatment carried out by Dentistry Magazine in 2015 showed that the average cost of a single tooth implant in the UK was £2415, with costs varying across the country. 


As independent businesses, dental practices set their own fees for private care and these can vary widely. They depend on many things such as rent, staff costs and investment in equipment and training.


So for example you may find the cost of implants in Glasgow is higher than in more rural areas because rent in the city centre is higher.


At Coatbridge Family Dental Care we like to keep our costs reasonable and transparent. The cost of our single tooth implant is £2300, that’s less than £50 a month with finance.

What is a dental implant?


A dental implant is one of the options you have to replace your missing tooth or teeth.


It is a small screw made of titanium that we use to replace the missing root of your tooth (this is hidden under your gum).


We then create a bespoke crown or bridge to fit on top of the implant to replace the crown of your tooth or teeth (the part you can see in your mouth).


Several implants can also be used to support a slimline denture or a large bridge if you have lots of teeth or all your teeth missing.


Benefits of Dental Implants


The many benefits of dental implants are:


Natural looking teeth which are digitally designed exactly how you want them to look

– in fact we’ll show you a 3D image of your new smile so you can make sure you like it before we even start treatment.

This means you can be confident your smile will look just how you want it to.


Strong and secure

So you can chew whatever you want and laugh without worry.


Normal speech

Dental Implants don’t intrude on your tongue or the roof of your mouth so your speech will sound normal.


Long lasting

With our help your implants can last a lifetime


Preserve your healthy teeth

Dental implants don’t damage your other teeth like bridges and partial dentures can.


Stop loss of bone in your jaw

Implants preserve the shape of your face and stop the collapsed-in look which can age you when you lose teeth.  

This means less unwanted lines and wrinkles.



Because implants are fixed and solid, they won’t move around, rub your gum or cause ulcers like dentures can.


The closest thing to real teeth!

Dental implants are the closest thing we have to getting your own teeth back, in fact we’ve even had patients in the past tell us that they like them better than their own teeth!

Here’s some of our patients who are enjoying the benefits of dental implants now.


You can watch some of them talking about their experience of dental implants at Coatbridge Family Dental Care.

Patient with dental implants and smile makeover
Implant patient
Dental Implant Patient
Keith with dental implant patient holding flowers

How Much Is An Implant for A Single Tooth?


Our single tooth implant package includes:

  • Implant placement and review

  • Bespoke digital crown creation

The colour and appearance will be discussed fully with you and you will see a 3D digital image of how your new tooth will look in your mouth before it is made)


  • Digital crown fit


  • Consultation and clinical examination with our Clinical Director, Keith

  • Full treatment planning

  • Follow up consult with your patient care coordinator

  • 3D digital CBCT scan

  • Tailored aftercare pack and advice

Including a visit with our hygienist to make sure you know how to look after your implant.

Implant After
Dental Implant Before

This package can be easily spread over 24 monthly payments of £96, with no interest to pay.

But if you’d like to spread your payments out longer, your monthly payment could be less than £50 with our interest bearing finance options.


And we also offer a 5% discount on the total cost of £2300 if you wish to pay upfront.

How Much is A Dental Implant for a Few Teeth?


The good news is that if you need a few teeth replaced, it’s not always necessary to replace every missing tooth with an implant.


For example, if you have two teeth missing next to each other, we can sometimes place just one implant and place an implant bridge on top. This has two teeth supported by the one implant. This is safe, strong and sturdy and will last just as well as a single tooth implant.


The benefit is you’re paying for the placement of one implant but getting two new teeth in your mouth!


Likewise two implants can support three teeth successfully.

How Much Are Dental Implants for Your Whole Mouth?


Obviously, dental implants for your whole mouth are a bit more expensive than just a single implant.


But if you lost all your teeth some time ago and you’re struggling with a denture which moves, falls out when you laugh or stops you from eating, then investment in whole mouth implants may be a small price to pay.


Dental implants can improve your self confidence, give you peace of mind when you’re out in public and let you eat the foods you like.


Our patient Caroline struggled for some time with a bottom denture that moved and was hurting her mouth when she ate. Watch her video to see what her experience of having dental implants at Coatbridge Family Dental Care was like and how implants have changed her life.

“I would say to anyone considering implants – don’t waste your time, go now and have them…It changes your life completely…It makes you smile”


There are different ways to use implants to replace all of your teeth.


1.Implant-retained denture

2.Implant-retained bridgework (all-on-4 implants or all-on-6 implants)


Implant-Retained Denture


The most affordable way to replace all of your teeth is an implant-retained denture like Caroline has. Keith will place two or four implants which will securely hold a slimline, accurately fitting denture in place.


A lower implant-retained denture like Caroline’s is available on our interest-bearing finance for just £84/month.


Implant-Retained Denture Package


Our implant-retained denture package includes:


  • Implant placement and review

  • Bespoke slimline denture creation

The colour and appearance will be discussed fully with you.  You will be also able to try in a copy of your denture before it is made to ensure you are happy with your new smile before it is made.

Alternatively if you like the way your current denture looks, but just find it moves around too much, we can copy the appearance when we make your new denture.

  • Slimline denture fit



  • Consultation and clinical examination with our Clinical Director, Keith

  • Treatment planning

  • Follow up consult with your patient care coordinator

  • 3D digital CBCT scan

  • Tailored aftercare pack and advice

Including a visit with our hygienist to make sure you know how to look after your implants. 


Implant-retained dentures are perfect if you want to eat what you want and be able to laugh and smile with confidence.


And they can be removed from your mouth for easy cleaning.

Implant-Retained Bridgework


Implant-retained bridgework is the gold-standard of implant dentistry and the best if you really want the closest thing to a natural smile. Our patients tell us that they really feel like real teeth.


You may also have heard implant-retained bridgework called All-on-4 or All-on-6 implants.


As you can imagine this sort of work takes a huge amount of skill, expertise and technology. If you really want to invest in yourself, the health of your mouth and your smile, then implant-retained bridgework is the best treatment for you.


For a long-term investment like this in your health, we are delighted to offer finance over three, four or six years. With monthly payments for these full arch dental implants starting as low as £210.


Implant-Retained Bridgework Package


Our implant-retained bridgework package includes:


  • Implant placement and review

  • Bespoke digitally designed bridgework creation

The colour and appearance will be discussed fully with you and you will see a 3D digital image of how your new smile will look in your mouth before it is made.

We will then make a “road-test” temporary which you can use to try out your new teeth and smile. 

If you are happy with this we will create your final bridgework as an exact match, if you’d like any changes to be made we can easily do this for you.

  • Digital bridgework fit




Consultation and clinical examination with our Clinical Director, Keith

Full treatment planning

Follow up consult with your patient care coordinator

3D digital CBCT scan

Tailored aftercare pack and advice

This includes a visit with our hygienist to make sure you know how to look after your implants.


Because every patient is different and every mouth is different, the final cost of any implant package will be determined by a thorough clinical examination.




Why Choose Us for Your Implant Care



Our Clinical Director, Keith, has been providing dental care for our patients since 2009 and implant care since 2014.


Implant-Specific Postgraduate Training

Keith is proud to hold the Diploma in Implant Dentistry form the Royal College of Surgeons, England.


Patient Care Coordinator

Our patient care coordinator will spend time discussing your options with you and we will only proceed with treatment once you are happy to go ahead.

Our patient care coordinator team will be available to you by phone and email throughout your treatment for any questions you may have.


We Love Tech!

From our pain free injection system to our 3D digital intraoral and CBCT scanners you can be confident we are using the latest in dental technology for your implant planning and care.


We Listen

We promise to take the time to listen to what you want from your care and fully involve you in the planning of your new smile. We will discuss all the options available to you for treatment including the pros and cons.


Our patients love the fact that their input, combined with our expertise, gives them the results they want.



You will be given a detailed estimate at the start of treatment that will be fully explained by our patient care coordinator. She will also be able to answer any questions you may have and offer different options for payment and finance.



Jan talks about how Keith helped her to smile again.


“The end product was a collaboration of me telling Keith what I wanted and Keith delivering the process.”

Spreading the Cost of Dental Implants


At Coatbridge Family Dental Care we want to make implant care as accessible is possible.


You can spread your payments over 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, whichever suits you.


Up to 24 months our finance is interest free. Over 24 months our finance is interest bearing.


Find out more about finance for your implant care ­– you can use our finance calculator to work out how much your monthly payments will be.

Is it Possible to Get Dental Implants on the NHS?


Unfortunately there are very few situations where dental implants are available on the NHS.


Occasionally patients who have had damage to their mouths due to mouth cancer or trauma may be given implants in a dental hospital setting but dental implants are not available in NHS dental practice.


Should I Go Abroad to Get Dental Implants?


It may seem appealing to combine a holiday with having your dental work done but we would advise caution when considering travelling abroad for dental implants and please think about the following:

  • Factor in all the costs – travel, accommodation, the need for return trips for follow up or any problems.


  • Make sure the dentist you are going to see is experienced and qualified to carry out your treatment.


  • Remember that dentists abroad may use different techniques and implant systems than we use in the UK. If you have any issues in the future it may be difficult to find a dentist familiar with the implant system here so you may have to return to where you had the treatment done.


  • In the UK, dentists work to high standards set by the General Dental Council and will be held to account if their care does not reach these standards. Check this is the case in the country you are travelling to.


  • UK dentists must be indemnified, this means if your treatment does not go as planned and the dentist is found to be at fault, the money you spent can be returned to you. Check that the dentist who is carrying out your treatment is indemnified.

Conclusion – How Much Are Dental Implants?


The cost of dental implants varies across the UK and can be affected my many factors. It’s important to find a dentist that you trust and feel comfortable with and a practice that will provide you with the care you deserve.


At Coatbridge Family Dental Care we pride ourselves in listening to what you want, sharing our expertise and making sure you get exactly the smile you’re looking for.


We’re proud of our implant care, if you’d like experience why we’re different contact us for a free consultation or call our team on 01236 421103.


Blog post written on 30th Jan 2022

(Please note prices and information are correct at time of publishing and may be subject to change. Please contact us on 01236 421103 or for the most up-to-date pricing and information)