Sedation Care

We know that many people put off going to the dentist because they’re nervous.  Whether, it’s the smell, the noise or feeling that you have no control, there’s no need to be embarrassed, because at Coatbridge Family Dental Care we know we can help you.

Sedation Care at Coatbridge Family Dental Care is our in-house, calming service for patients who are anxious about coming to the dentist, run by one of our experienced and caring dentists, Ainsley.

Here she is answering some of your frequently asked questions. 


Our patients who are very anxious or phobic about dental treatment love the fact that we provide sedation in a safe and relaxing environment.

It can allow you to have dental treatment carried out that in the past perhaps you didn’t feel you would ever be able to cope with.

 I’m delighted to have finished my dental treatment with Ainsley. She has been amazing at supporting me with my phobia. I felt she took the time to truly understand my fear and then adjusted everything she could to make my treatment a manageable experience. I trust her 100% and cannot thank her and Moona enough for their kindness and support. Ainsley is absolutely brilliant!

Ainsley Robertson

Associate Dentist

GDC 264209

If you’re nervous about coming into the practice you can arrange to have a chat with our patient care coordinator, Jill over a coffee away from the clinical environment.

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