Our Technology

Watch to hear Margaret tell you about her experience with our Pain Free Injection System

State of the art dental air purifying system.

To enhance your safety we have invested in a state of the art dental air purifying system. DentAir draws in harmful matter from all corners of the room, providing a safer environment for you and our team.

Pain free Local Anaesthetic System

Our fantastic pain free local anaesthetic system is a computer aided system which provides a slow, steady and gentle flow of anaesthesia, making your dental injection pain free! 

We can confidently tell you that your injection isn’t going to be like a dental injection you’ve ever had before.

Our Trios Intraoral Scanner:

Allows you to see your teeth from a dentist’s perspective. You can see what we see!

Allows us to move your teeth into different positions so you can see what your perfect smile can look like.

Is a digital impression system – so for those of you looking for a new crown or bridge our digital impression system means you can say goodbye to the impression goo!

For crowns and bridges, Trios is:

Quick – fewer retakes and less appointments

Comfortable – no gooey impression material

Fast – your new crown can be ready faster

Accurate – excellent crown fit and look

Planmeca Promax Classic 3D Digital CT Scanner

Safe, Fast, State of the Art Imaging


CFDC is the only dental practice in North Lanarkshire with its own 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner.

The  state of the art Planmeca Promax 3D machine we use to take our CBCT scans is:

Safe: Ultra Low Dose Technology


Fast: Scans in seconds

Quality: excellent quality images for our dentists to plan your treatment

This is a short video of our CBCT scanner