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Watch Jan as she talks about how our Clinical Director, Keith, helped her to smile again.

I no longer fear smiling…nothing stops me I absolutely love it. It has actually improved the quality of my life.

Watch James’s story to find out about his experience of having dental implant treatment carried out by our Clinical Director, Keith Preston.

He also shares why our caring team are so great and why Coatbridge Family Dental Care is the best place for your dental care. 

Do you avoid smiling because you have missing teeth?

The good new is we can help.

Dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth.  They are safe, strong and secure and they feel and function like your own teeth.

Implants, like your own teeth, will last as long as you care for them, so they can last for life.

Our patients tell us that they, quite literally, transform their lives.

The sense of relief at finally having a normal smile is huge

Does your denture move around when you eat?

The good new is we can help.

We’re delighted to tell you there’s more than one way we can help you to eat again without worrying about your denture moving or falling out when you eat or speak.

Caroline tells you about the difference that having dental implants at Coatbridge Family Dental Care has made to her life.

What a difference it’s made to my life. I can eat anything anytime I want , there’s no problem whatsoever. I would say to anyone considering implants – don’t waste your time, go now and have them…It changes your life completely…It makes you smile.

Top 3 Benefits Implants Can Give You!

Natural Looking Teeth

smile with confidence again

Strong and secure

eat whatever you want

Long Lasting

with our help your implants can last a lifetime

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