This month I really need to give Keith a massive pat on the back and a big thank you!  I’ve been saving up with my friends from uni for the last 6 years to do a big trip to celebrate our 40th’s.  It’s only taken us a year and a half to organise it – none of us are 40 anymore – but last Saturday we finally headed off.  We had an amazing time – Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Rockefeller, Tiffany’s, The High Line, Greenwich Village and a show – we did it all in just 4 days!

But I have to say I was just a little nervous on the plane home thinking about how Keith would have coped working and looking after the kids, cooking and washing and tidying up!  I had envisioned spending the next week catching up on everything and explaining to the teachers why the kids hadn’t done their homework/hadn’t made it to gymnastics/dancing last week!  But when I got back he’d done an amazing job of seeing patients, running the kids around, helping with homework, doing the washing!  I did also notice a strategically placed pile of my clothes ironed and left on the floor of our bedroom that I tripped over as I walked into it – I suspect placed there just in case I hadn’t noticed he’d done the ironing too!!

He also wallpapered and finished painting our sitting room which we’ve been trying to get done for weeks! (And because he’s a dentist and has great attention to detail it was pretty damn perfect too!)

So I’ve decided that clearly I’m just a hindrance to him and perhaps I should go away more often…?