In the last week of the school holidays Keith and I took the kids to London for a few days to see the sights.  We started off with a couple of days in Legoland, which the kids loved!  I have to say though as much as I had a great time with the kids and the rides were fun, the whole thing was slightly tainted for me by the staff.

In the 2 days we came across 1 team member who actually spoke to us in one of the lines, the rest were like robots, opening the gate, measuring the kids, checking your safety belts, all done with out so much as a smile or even any eye contact – they all looked miserable.  The restaurant for dinner was even worse!  There was just no engagement!

It got me thinking about how vital your staff are to your whole customer service and experience.  I was so excited about going to Legoland, so up for it and yet every encounter I had with a team member was a disappointment – think how many interactions and disappointments I had over the space of the 48 hours we were there!  It felt like they were so confident they had a captive market they didn’t have to try anymore.

It just reinforced for me how vital the little things are when a patient comes to see us at Coatbridge Family Dental Care and how good our team are at it.  The fact that over half of our new patients come from existing patient referrals and a further third come off the back of online patient reviews tells me we are doing something right.  But what’s really important is not to get complacent.  It’s important every patient is treated the same way.

A smiling, welcoming face and eye contact from the reception team goes such a long way, along with a friendly chat particularly if a patient is feeling nervous.

We always ask our dentists and nurses to chat to our patients as they walk from the waiting room to the surgery and ask them how they are.

New nurses are asked to introduce themselves to patients and everyone wears their name badge.

Our dentists take the time to engage our patients in conversation, not just about dentistry but about their lives and take the time to find out about what’s important to them because that’s vital when we’re dealing with your health and your smile.

And on the way out a little bit of banter with the reception team is always fun!

Thinking about it made me proud that our the customer service of our team is way better than a big company like Legoland,  They could learn a thing or two from us!

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