Santa with toothache at christmas

Toothache at Christmas?

Here’s What to Do.


There’s nothing worse than toothache, and toothache during the Christmas holidays can be worrying if you don’t know how to get yourself some dental help.

Don’t panic!

At Coatbridge Family Dental Care we’re here to help and this blog is full of useful information about what to do if your canines are driving you crazy this Christmas!

So give it a quick read over, bookmark it, share it with your friends and family and then everyone will know what to do if toothache threatens their festive frolics this year.



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We’re Here to Help this Christmas


Our dental team are on hand to help you if you have a dental problem during the Christmas holidays. The practice will be closed from 24th December and reopen at 8am on Wednesday 4th Jan 2023, but our team and the wider Lanarkshire dental team are will be on hand throughout.

Emergency Care for Membership Plan Patients


If you are a member of the Coatbridge Family Dental Care Membership Plan, our team will be available to you by phone throughout the festive period.  

Should you have a toothache or a dental emergency please call the number in your membership pack and one of our dentists will get back to you as soon as possible.

The dentist will offer advice or if they feel it is necessary will open up the practice to treat you.

Coatbridge Family Dental Care Membership Plan Leaflet

Emergency Care for NHS Patients


If you are an NHS patient of the practice, there will be a dentist available to take your call should you have a toothache or a dental emergency on all days that would be normal working days between 9am and 5pm.


Please call 01236 421103 and calls will be diverted to one of our dentists. Please leave a message and the dentist will get back to you as soon as possible. They will offer advice or, if they feel it is necessary, will open up the practice to treat you.


Should you have a dental emergency out with these times please call NHS 24 on 111. You will speak to an experienced triage team-member, who will give you advice and an appointment if necessary.

What is a Dental Emergency?


A dental emergency is:


Severe pain or toothache

Swelling in and around your mouth

Uncontrolled bleeding



Our team are happy to provide advice on other dental problems on the days they are available.  However NHS 24 will only deal with dental emergencies.


Try to Avoid A&E


As you will be aware, the hospitals are very busy at the moment and it is vital that only true emergencies use A&E services. Instead please call 111 if you have a dental emergency out with practice hours.


If the area around your eye or your neck is swollen, or swelling in your mouth or neck is making it difficult for you to breathe, swallow or speak then go to A&E.

Got Toothache But Not Registered With a Dentist?


If you are not registered with a dentist and live in Lanarkshire please call the Lanarkshire General Enquiry Line on 0300 303 0243 (Mon-Thurs, 9am-5pm; Fri, 9am-4.30pm).

If you live elsewhere in Scotland, go to NHS inform to find out who to contact.

What To Do If You Knock Out A Tooth


If you or your child accidentally knocks out one of their teeth and you can’t get to a dentist immediately this is what you should do:


1. Hold it by the crown of the tooth (the bit you can see in the mouth usually)

2. Lick it clean or rinse it under water fro just a few seconds

3. Put it back into the socket, root first

4. Bite down on a rolled up tissue to hold it in place.

5. Call us on 01236 421103 or call 111.


If you can’t put it back in, keep it in some saliva (spit into a container) or milk until you see your dentist.


Don’t put a baby tooth back in. If you’re not sure if it’s an adult or a baby tooth, put it into some saliva or milk and call us or 111.


Unless you have other injuries, a knocked out tooth is not usually a reason to visit A&E.


Snowman with missing tooth

How to Prevent Toothache at Christmas


The best way to avoid having to see your dentist at Christmas is to look after your teeth.


1. Keep Sweet Treats to Mealtimes


We’re not daft enough to tell you to avoid sweet treats at Christmas. If you can’t eat them at Christmas when can you?! Try, though, to keep sweet things to mealtimes as much as possible.


Every time you have something sweet in between a meal, all the bugs on your teeth have a Christmas party of their own in your mouth and release acid. It’s this acid that damages your teeth and causes holes.


Grazing on sweet things means that your teeth are constantly bathed in acid.


Keeping sweet treats to after a meal means that when you’re not eating your mouth has a chance to recover and your saliva is able to deal with the small amount of acid that’s there. This reduces the chance of holes forming. And prevents toothache.



2. Remember to Brush


With all the excitement it’s really easy to forget to brush your teeth. If you’re eating lots of goodies, it’s even more important to brush twice a day.


Once at night and once at another time of the day. For two minutes.


Brushing gets rid of all the food in your mouth. The bugs on your teeth love it when food gets left on your teeth when you go to bed. They pull an all nighter and your teeth are bathed in acid all night!


And if nothing else, do you really want stinky breath when you find yourself under the mistletoe with the love of your life?!


And don’t forget the kids. It’s so important that you remind them to brush and if they’re really tired after a busy day, take the time to brush their teeth for them.


Watch our hygienist Laura’s video of how to brush your teeth if you need a reminder.


3. If All Else Fails Hit the Cheeseboard!


Cheese is naturally alkaline (the opposite of acidic) therefore it can neutralise the acid in your mouth and is a great thing to eat at the end of a meal.


Or in our case for every meal for the week or so after Christmas. Mmmm love the cheese!


Dealing With Toothache at Home at Christmas


If you’ve just got too much on and you can’t get to a dentist, here’s a few things you can use to help see you through


1. Temporary filling materials

Temporary filling kits are usually available from your local  pharmacy and can be good for plugging a small hole or fixing a crown in the short term. But do see your dentist when you are able to fix things properly.


2. Painkillers

Ibuprofen and paracetemol are the best painkillers for toothache. Take them alternatively, not at the same time. This will give you pain relief that lasts longer. Stick to the recommended dose on the packet. Overdose of painkillers is very dangerous. If you think you’ve taken too many call 111.


3. Mouthwash

Great for ulcers or sore gums. This mouthwash is great for short term relief of sore gums or for sore wisdom teeth and this one for ulcers.  


4. Sensitive toothpaste

A sensitive toothpaste is great for sensitive teeth. Sensitivity tends to be pain to hot or cold that just lasts a short time and then goes away. Sensitive toothpaste can be rubbed directly onto a tooth with your finger or used on your toothbrush as normal.


Don’t Suffer With Toothache at Christmas


So bookmark this blog, or print it out and put it in a safe place.  Fingers crossed you won’t be bothered by toothache this Christmas. But if you are, at least you’ll know what to do!


Outwith the festive period, our team are available Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm. 


If you’d like advice or to arrange a consultation, please call us on 01236 421103 or contact us. We’re here to help.


Blog post written on 16th December 2021

(Please note prices and information are correct at time of publishing and may be subject to change. Please contact us on 01236 421103 or for the most up-to-date pricing and information)