A couple of posts ago I wrote about how important it is to challenge yourself and this has certainly been a fortnight of challenges for the team at Coatbridge Family Dental Care!!  Last Monday we had our fantastic new computer system installed and after a full days training, it was Go Live! day on Tuesday.  If I’m honest I don’t think Keith and I truly appreciated how difficult this challenge would be!  Our old system was very different to the new one and the conversion of all the patient information is still ongoing.  That, coupled with the fact that the whole appointment book set up and clinical note recording is a world apart from the way we used to do it, has certainly caused a couple of weeks of sleepless nights for the team!

But our team is what today’s blog is really about.  And it’s a massive thank you to them all.  The conversion has been really tough, but I can honestly say without hesitation,  I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a dental team who have had a more positive, can do attitude than ours have in the last 2 weeks. On top of the computer system going in, one of our instrument washer disinfectors broke down, our phones stopped working, the light on one of the chairs gave up the ghost…. and yes there have been times I’m sure that we’ve all wanted to scream at each other! But through it all they have remained professional, upbeat and determined to ensure our exceptional patient care remains paramount.

In the long run, the new system will be of huge benefit to both our team and our patient care, and by keeping that at the forefront of our minds we have been able to work through all the difficulties we’ve encountered.  

A big thanks also goes to our patients who have been extremely understanding and patient with us all this week.  They’ve been having lots of fun using our clinical pads instead of filling out paper forms!  The quest to go paperless starts here!

To experience both our fab team and our new computer system give Coatbridge Family Dental Care a call on 01236 421103!  But please be patient for the next couple of weeks!!

Prosecco All Round!