I Can’t Stand Wearing This Mask – My Breath Stinks!

Top 10 Things to Do To Prevent Bad Breath

When I put on my mask this morning to go into a meeting with our web developer, I suddenly regretted the chilli I’d had for dinner last night – particularly the amount of garlic I’d put in it! All of a sudden the only person having to put up with my bad breath is me! And I should know better, I’m a dentist!

Walking around the supermarket in Coatbridge later it struck me that I was probably surrounded by people who all of a sudden are having to re-breathe their own stinky breath! And that ain’t fun! So here’s our top ten things to do to stop you from suffering from your own smelliness!

1. Brush your teeth twice a day.

Food and plaque lying around your mouth = smelly breath
Food and plaque lying around your mouth = cavities = smelly breath
Food and plaque lying around your mouth = gum disease = smelly breath

I know it brushing your teeth seems self-explanatory, but do it, do it properly and do it for at least 2 minutes!

Here’s a video of Laura our hygienist showing you the best way to do it!

4. Visit your dentist regularly

Cavities in your teeth cause smelly breath, your dentist will find them and fix them for you. No more smells!

Decayed tooth

5. Visit your hygienist even more regularly

Hygienists are the mortal enemy of stinky breath!

Professional cleaning by a hygienist gets rid of hardened tartar (which causes a build up of plaque = smelly breath!) and also removes bacteria which builds up in pockets under the gum.

Hygienists are also great at showing you how to brush your teeth effectively and are great motivators. They keep you on track, – see yours every 3 months for that much needed inspiration to keep brushing (AKA a kick up the a**e!)

2. Use interdental brushes or floss at least once a day

Just brushing means you’re missing about 40% of the surfaces of your teeth.

Interdental cleaning removes the food and plaque that your toothbrush misses

Interdental Brushes

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6. Join a Dental Plan

The key to keeping on top of your hygiene and keeping smelly breath at bay is visiting your dentist and hygienist regularly.

The best way to make yourself come regularly is to invest in your own health. Joining a dental plan means paying a small monthly amount to receive regular fantastic top class care from your dentist and hygienist.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m paying monthly for great preventive care I’m going to make sure I go along and get my money’s worth. Investing in yourself through a dental plan makes you become a regular attender.

Regular attenders report needing less treatment and having improved oral hygiene – yes you guessed it, that means less smelly breath!

You can find out about our Membership Plan here

7. Stop Smoking

As well as the actual tobacco products causing stinky breath, smoking also causes gum disease, which in turn makes your breath smell.

8. Straighten Your Teeth

Teeth which are overlapped and crowded accumulate plaque more than teeth which are straight. Crowded teeth are also much more difficult to keep clean.

Straightening your teeth with Invisalign or invisible braces means means less food trapping and easier brushing = sweet smelling breath!

Find out more about Invisalign and straightening your teeth here


Girl with Invisalign

9. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water washes away food lying around your mouth. Your saliva also naturally cleans your mouth.

If you have a very dry mouth due to disease or medications, your dentist can prescribe saliva substitutes which can help.

10. Watch What You Eat

We all know that things like onions, garlic and spicy foods can cause bad breath and avoiding these will help.

Fasting, crash dieting and low carbohydrate diets can also cause smelly breath.



So have a go at some of these top tips, lets be honest no-one should have to put with your stinky breath – least of all you!