Keith & Family with Doc Brown from Back to the Future

Back To The Future

A couple of years ago over a Christmas holiday we watched the Back to the Future movie trilogy with our then 9 and 7 year old daughters. When these movies were first released in the late 80’s the time travelling events were confusing enough. However, I had not prepared myself for trying to explain the concept that in Back to the Future II, Marty travels to the future, but he was going to a date that was now in the past for us (21st October 2015)! There was a lot of confusion in out house with this! But one of the entertaining things about Back to the Future II was looking at the “predictions” of what 2015 would look like. Sadly, flying cars and hoverboards have not yet materialised, but since the early 1990’s lots has changed, and I have to admit that there are times these days when I feel like I am living in “the future”.

How Things Have Changed

There are loads of things, computers; mobile phones; the internet that have massively changed the world since then, but they slowly and gradually took over in a way that was almost imperceptible. Our reliance upon them just crept up on us and, without really noticing, we have reached a point that life as we know it could not function without them.

Living in a Digital Dentistry Future

But recently, I have started to notice some things, particularly in our practice, that really make me feel like I am living in “the future”! There are things in dentistry that we are currently doing in our practice, that I could never have dreamt of when I graduated in 2001.


  • The digital technology that allows me to scan a 3-D image of your teeth, allowing you to see what I see and therefore point out things you don’t like or are concerned about, enabling us to instantly look at, discuss and plan your treatment


  • Using this technology to allow me to send information (without taking impressions!) to a dental laboratory, allowing them to make your new crown or bridge based on a digital design.


  • Planning your tooth alignment treatment so you can see your straight teeth result before you commit to proceeding with treatment.


  • The CBCT scanner that allows me to take a 3D x-ray of your teeth and jaws, enabling me to plan implant treatment or help with the diagnosis of problems.


  • The use of computer technology to deliver predictable and consistent pain free injections.
Digital Dentistry Intraoral Scanner
Digital Dentistry CBCT Scanner
Digital Dentistry Pain Free Injection System

I know that this blog will have clearly aged me and there will be many people reading this for whom computers, mobile phones and the internet have always existed. But trust me that one day, at some point, you too will find yourself in “the future”! And when you do, just pause for a minute, and enjoy it!


So here is my confession: it might not be a hoverboard of a flying car, but the next time you are in the practice and I am using some of this technology to assist with your treatment, realise that a little bit of me is Marty McFly loving how cool and how much easier things are in the future!!

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