Christmas 2020 – Why I Can’t Wait For a COVID Christmas

I think this may be a first that at this time of year I’ve had so much time to sit down and actually think about writing a December blog and a newsletter for the practice. Normally I squeeze it in amongst other work, Christmas nights out, present wrapping, card writing, food shopping,house cleaning and the rest of the Christmas craziness! Of course the reason that I have the luxury of taking my time over it this year is definitely NOT that I’ve become some super-organised goddess wife/mum, but just that sadly this year I don’t have as many of these things to do.


There are some things I’m missing (mainly the Christmas nights out!) but there are many things that, to be honest, it’s a relief not to have to do for a change!

CFDC Christmas Night Out 2019

Just the 4 of Us

Keith and I made the decision early on that it would be just us and the girls this year – both sets of grandparents are older, one with added risk factors, and live in health boards where the COVID level is lower than in ours. It just feels crazy to have sacrificed spending time with them all year, to now throw caution to the wind just because it’s Christmas and especially when a vaccine is so close.


Although it means that we’ll all be sad not to see each other on the big day, I think it’s important to focus on the positives of this year’s slightly different Christmas:


  • Christmas dinner just for 4 so the food shopping will be decidedly less onerous. I’m looking forward to not having to go through the torture of the supermarket at ridiculous o’clock on the 23rd or 24th , half asleep and with a list as long as the winter scarf wrapped stiflingly round my neck.


  • The girls and Keith have voted for steak sandwiches, cooked on the BBQ, and chips – and who can argue with that when it means just a half hour in the kitchen instead of the usual 4+ hours on the day, and the evening of prep the night before!
  • Decidedly less washing up! Enough said.


  • No having to make up beds for some guests; give up your bed for others. No washing of extra bed covers!


  • No cooked breakfast for everyone in the morning!


Time to Relax

The thing I’m most looking forward to though is an excuse to chill out and spend time with the kids. I want to sit about in my jammies (no guests so no need to get dressed), play their games and help build their lego, watch cheesy movies and just be in their company for once on Christmas day without having to make sure that everyone else is fed, watered and happy.


Hangover-Free New Year

Then after all that relaxing there’s Hogmanay to look forward to – imagine entering New Year with no hangover!! Well this year you can do it! What a start to the year! We get to start 2021 fresh and well-rested for the first time ever!


A Very Merry COVID Christmas

Join me, give yourself permission to relax and let’s try to take the positives out of this very different Christmas that’s being forced upon us, because before we know it it’ll be next Christmas and the crazy will be back with a bang!


A very merry Christmas to you all.

Keith & Gillian Christmas