John Broers

GDC 191058

I studied dentistry at Glasgow University graduating in 2010. For me, dentistry is about making a real difference to peoples life, whether it be fixing that simple filling or providing more extensive treatment. Having a patient that is happy with their treatment is what gives me my job satisfaction. 

I have worked at Coatbridge Family Dental Care for nearly a decade now and in that time I have gotten to know many of my patients and their families very well. It provides with the sense that I am part of the community which I feel that you don’t get in many other jobs. Also in that time the team that I have worked with have endeavoured to improve the patient experience which encourages me to push my skills forward. As a result, I am currently working towards my post graduate diploma in restorative dentistry with the Royal College of Surgeons (London), finishing Summer 2021 (hopefully!), This diploma helps me to hone existing skills and learn new ones which will better the care received by my patients. I also plan to continue to provide support for new graduates as a vocational trainer, having done so for the last 3 years, which certainly keeps me on my toes!

Outside of dentistry I enjoy keeping fit, playing football and attending the gym. Music has been a long time passion of mine and playing the guitar is a great way for me to release any of my stresses.

However the time I have for my hobbies has become extremely limited recently with the arrival of my Daughter!

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