Front 4 teeth before and after composite bonding

How Much is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is one of the most affordable forms of cosmetic dentistry. With prices starting from as little as £132 per tooth, it’s easy to see why many of our patients choose it when they’re looking to improve their smile.  

Looking around on the internet, you’ll see that prices for composite bonding can vary. The reason for this is that composite bonding is a private cosmetic dental treatment that is not available on the NHS. Each dental practice sets its own prices and like any other business this is determined by many factors:  


  • How experienced the dentist is 

  • The quality and cost of materials used  

  • How much treatment is required and how difficult the treatment is and therefore how long it will take  

  • Staff costs  

  • Where the practice is 

At Coatbridge Family Dental Care we like to be transparent and fair in our pricing and our prices take into consideration all of the above factors.  

Why choose us for Composite Bonding


When you choose composite bonding at Coatbridge Family Dental Care, we promise 


Our Clinical Director, Keith, has over 20 years experience of providing cosmetic dentistry. He has an excellent reputation in the area and in the world of dentistry. Hundreds of our patients have invested in composite bonding to achieve a whiter straighter smile.  

2. Quality materials 

We use high quality, long-lasting materials to give you the best result for your smile.  

3. The smile you want 

We listen carefully to what you want. And use up-to-the-minute digital dentistry to show you exactly what your new smile will look like before we even start treatment. 

4. Pain-free treatment 

We work hard to ensure your treatment is always pain-free. Because composite bonding is minimally invasive, there is often no need for local anaesthetic. If you would prefer to be numb we use our fantastic computer-assisted pain-free local anaesthetic system, which patients love. 

5. You’ll be well looked after 

We pay our team well so that they enjoy coming to work and so we can be confident that they will look after you. We’re proud of our more than eight hundred 5 star reviews that agree.

Dentist Keith talking to a patient
Team at Coatbridge Family Dental Care in the garden

When you are looking for composite bonding, cost should be just one of the factors you consider. Visit a few practices, get to know the team, decide if you like the vibe and if you trust them to fix your smile. Make sure they listen and understand exactly what you want.  


Composite Bonding

“I had damaged teeth from a car accident when I was a teenager, over 50 years ago. I opted for cosmetic bonding and Keith’s expertise has restored my smile and my confidence. I am so thrilled with the results. I usually feel slightly nervous when going to the dentist, but the friendly team made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. Everything was explained and made clear to me at every stage of my treatmentA big thank you to Keith, Leanne and all the team at Coatbridge Family Dental CareI would recommend them to anyone.”  

Paul’s Composite Bonding Story

Paul heard about us through his girlfriend. He came to see us because he was unhappy with the spaces that had opened up between his teeth and the discolouration of his upper left front tooth. He had previously had braces but had stopped wearing his retainer and his teeth had moved. His front tooth was traumatised when he was younger.

Paul had a free consultation with our Patient Care Coordinator, Leanne. She listened to what he was unhappy with and what he was looking for. She took photos and a 3D digital scan to assist us in our planning for Paul’s treatment.

Following a full consultation with Keith, we organised a digital smile design to plan Paul’s new smile. This allowed Paul to see what his new smile would be like before we even began treatment and to make sure that composite bonding was the best option for him. He was able to view his new smile and give his input into the design.

Image of male patient after composite bonding
After composite bonding
Male patient after composite bonding
Digital smile design composite bonding
Front 6 teeth before and after composite bonding
Digital smile design composite bonding occlusal view

What is composite bonding?  

Composite bonding is a quick, straightforward, non-invasive treatment which can transform your smile. We can give you amazing long-term changes to your smile and confidence in just a single session.   

Composite is a tooth coloured, mouldable material. We expertly sculpt and bond it to the front or edge of your teeth, to improve shape and appearance. It is permanently set with a light.  No preparation, drilling or damage to your teeth takes place.  

We use composite bonding for: 

  • straightening mildly crowded teeth,  

  • closing spaces,  

  • building up broken teeth,  

  • changing the shape, position or colour of your teeth.   

This means composite bonding can give you a whiter, straighter and more even smile.  

 We also often use it alongside other treatments, such as Invisalign teeth straightening, as part of a smile makeover 

Composite Bonding Procedure

Watch our video of Carly having composite bonding to finish off her smile after her Invisalign treatment. It’ll give you an idea of what’s involved in the procedure.

Composite edge bonding vs Composite build up  

The type of composite bonding you need will be dependent on the result you are looking for. There are two types of composite bonding: composite edge bonding and composite build up (composite veneers).

With composite edge bonding, we add composite to the edge of the teeth to straighten the edges or to repair a chip in the tooth. 

With composite build up (composite veneers), we use composite to transform the appearance of your smile. To do this we may treat 2, 4, 6 or more of your front teeth. 

How much is composite bonding?

Composite edge bonding and composite build ups are priced differently due to the difference in time and expertise required for each.

Composite edge bonding costs £132 per tooth.  

Composite build up (composite veneers)  costs £165 per tooth.

With composite build ups, to give you the best result, we use up-to-the-minute digital smile design technology, to design your new smile. Digital smile design is just £200 per smile and allows you to have your input into how your smile will look and approve it before we even start work. Giving you exactly the smile you want.  

Composite bonding payment options  

At Coatbridge Family Dental Care we want nothing to get in the way of you getting the smile you want. Our Patient Care Coordinators are on hand to discuss the easiest way for you to pay for your care. We offer many ways to pay, including spreading the cost into manageable payments and finance options. 

Composite bonding vs veneers and crowns  

Composite bonding is just one of the treatments we can use to change the appearance of your smile. Zirconia veneers and crowns can also do this.

But, at less than half the price of a veneer or crown, composite bonding could be the most cost-effective way. Most importantly, composite bonding does not involve removal of your own healthy tooth tissue, unlike veneers and crowns. Read our blog to compare composite bonding and veneers.  

Nicola’s Composite Bonding Big Reveal

Nicola had been having issues with her front teeth for some time before coming to see us. She has had previous radiotherapy and chemotherapy, during which used fruit juice and soft drinks to help combat the feelings of sickness caused by the treatments.

She told us how she was so aware of the appearance of her teeth and felt self-conscious when talking and smiling. It was affecting her confidence. Her dentist had suggested that the only way to restore these teeth was with crowns, but she was looking for a more cost-effective solution.

She was following an American dentist on social media and had heard about composite bonding through this, but hadn’t realised it was available in the UK. We took the time to listen to what she really wanted and made her smile again using composite bonding. Here’s her big reveal…

Composite Veneers

“Absolutely delighted, was very unhappy with composite veneers carried out elsewhere, the service and staff at Coatbridge family dental were second to none, and the end result amazing , can’t stop smiling”


How long does composite bonding last?  

Composite bonding is a long-lasting treatment and can be subject to wear, discolouration and chipping. It is likely that your composite bonding will require polishing or refreshing over time. Regularly visiting us for dental health checks means we can keep an eye on your bonding and advise when we think refreshing is required.  

Because everyone has different habits, the time for this is different for everyone. Excellent oral hygiene and regular visits to our hygienist will help to prevent discolouration. As will avoiding smoking.  

The good thing about composite bonding is that it easy to polish back discolouration. We can also bond new material onto existing composite bonding to fix a chip. All without damaging your own teeth.  

Many of our patients who have composite bonding join our preventative membership plan. This means they have access to regular dental health checks and hygiene visits. This keeps their new smile in the best condition possible.  

If we find that you have a heavy bite or you are a grinder or clencher, we may provide you with a nighttime mouthguard to protect your bonding. We may even consider a different treatment that may suit your mouth better, such as veneers or crowns.  

Free consultation

If you’d like to find out more about the cost of composite bonding,  if it’s the right treatment for you or even if you just want to come and meet our team and see if we’re a good fit, we offer a FREE consultation with our patient care coordinators, Jill and Leanne. They are available Monday to Friday from 8am – 4.45pm. They will take the time to listen to you, let you know what options are available and the likely costs involved. They will also take photos and a 3D digital scan of your teeth to help our dentists to plan your treatment.

You can arrange your free appointment with Jill or Leanne here, call our team on 01236 421103, or message us through our chat below.

Jill and Leanne our patient care coordinators

Teeth whitening & Composite Bonding 

From my first visit to the surgery I felt at ease. Everyone was very welcoming, friendly & professional. This has continued throughout my visits. Keith explained every step of my treatment with me. I am absolutely delighted with my final results. I can smile with confidence now. I cannot recommend the team highly enough. Thank you all so much.  

Lorna L

Written 26th March 2024

*Please note prices and information are correct at time of publishing and may be subject to change. Please contact us on 01236 421103 or for the most up-to-date pricing and information