Composite Bonding – Everything You Need To Know


Composite bonding is something we’re asked about on a daily basis, not just in the surgery, but by phone, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. Even when we go out for dinner, bonding and Invisalign are probably the two most common things people want to talk to me about!


Often people are unhappy with their smile and thinking about cosmetic options.


Before Composite Bonding Composite Bonding Closing Midline Gap

Composite bonding is something we do on a daily basis at Coatbridge Family Dental Care. It’s suitable for all ages and is drill free, pain free and anaesthetic free. It can give you back your confidence to smile in just one short appointment.


Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about composite bonding.

What is Composite Bonding?


Composite bonding is a popular modern technique for improving the appearance of your teeth.  Tooth coloured filling material (composite), is expertly sculpted and bonded to your teeth to improve the way they look.  There is no tooth removal.


The technique can be used to build up broken teeth, or to change the shape, position or colour of your teeth.  This means composite bonding can give you a whiter, straighter and more even smile.


We often use it alongside other treatments as part of a smile makeover.


I’m always excited when I see bonding on my appointment list at the start of the day because it’s thrilling that in one short dental appointment I know I will make a massive difference to someone’s smile!

Does Composite Bonding Hurt?


Because composite bonding doesn’t usually involve the removal of any tooth, and therefore no drilling, there is no need for an anaesthetic injection.  Adding composite filling material to your teeth is pain free. 


If you have particularly sensitive teeth, you may prefer to have your teeth numbed first.  I have some patients who prefer this as the water and air used in the technique can sometimes be cold (especially on a winter’s morning in Scotland!).


At Coatbridge Family Dental Care our pain free digital anaesthetic system ensures that this will be painless if required.

Will It Damage My Teeth?


Composite bonding is a minimal intervention dental treatment.  This means that there is no damage to your teeth when it is carried out. 


In the past, with older filling materials, dentists would need to remove some healthy parts of your tooth to make sure fillings would stay in.  This is not the case with composite material. 


Because it bonds to your teeth, composite preserves the tooth structure that is already there and can help to strengthen it. 


Furthermore, composite is a fantastic material that can be removed, changed or repaired at any time after it’s placement.

Can Composite Bonding Close Gaps Between My Teeth?


In certain situations, bonding can be used to close gaps between your teeth. 


Here’s a case I did recently, where the patient didn’t like the space between her front teeth.  This patient’s teeth were narrow and so we added composite to improve the shape and also to close the space between her teeth. She was delighted with the result!


In some situations, the most appropriate way to close a gap between teeth may be tooth alignment with Invisalign or perhaps a dental implant.  At Coatbridge Family Dental Care our thorough patient assessment will ensure you have the correct treatment to give you the smile you want.

Before Composite Bonding
Composite Bonding Closing Midline Gap

How Do I Know If Composite Bonding is The Right Treatment for Me?


At your consultation appointment, we will work together to decide whether composite bonding is the right treatment for you. Will take the time to listen to exactly what you want and look at your face as a whole to consider what will work for you.Find out here why your new patient consultation at Coatbridge Family Dental Care is different. 


As well as a detailed clinical examination, we will also carry out a digital intra-oral scan of your mouth and an aspirational smile analysis.  These will allow you to see your mouth as your dentist sees it and also give you an idea of what your smile could look like.  Your dentist will think about how your smile will work in your whole face.


All the information we’ve gathered is then used to create a digital smile design and before you have your  treatment, you will know exactly what your smile is going to look like, so you can be confident of the result.


Composite Bonding Before and Afters


Here are some of our recent patients.

Composite Bonding Lower Teeth
Composite Bonding Before and After
composite bonding before
composite bonding after
Composite Bonding Edge Bonding
Composite Bonding Before and After

Am I suitable for Composite Bonding?


As you can see composite bonding can be suitable for anyone.  We carry out bonding on all ages of patients.


It is important that your oral hygiene is excellent and our fantastic hygiene team are here to help you with that.  You can learn more about keeping your teeth clean with Laura, one of our hygienists.

Is Composite Bonding Better Than Veneers?


Composite bonding and veneers are very different treatments, although they can be used to resolve similar probems.

The best way to determine which treatment is right for you is to talk to your dentist about the result you’d like.

What is the procedure?

Procedure for composite bonding

How Long Will It Take?


Treatment time will depend on the number of teeth you’re having bonded and how complex the procedure. 


The treatment will be carried out over just one appointment though, so you will leave your appointment with your new smile! 


Your dentist will be able to tell you how long your appointment will be before you come.



I’ve Had Invisalign, Can I Have Composite Bonding?


We regularly carry out recontouring or edge bonding with composite following Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth. 


Often Invisalign will improve the position of teeth and composite bonding can be used at the end of treatment to refine or improve the shape of teeth or smooth off any rough edges.


Your dentist will discuss with you before you start your Invisalign treatment whether recontouring with composite will be required.  This will be included in your estimate, so there will be no surprises.


Melissa had some composite recontouring following her Invisalign treatment to smooth off the uneven edges of some of her teeth.

Composite Bonding After Invisalign

Should I Whiten My Teeth Before or After?


Patients who come to us for bonding are often also interested in whitening their smiles.  Because the composite material will not whiten in the same way as your natural teeth, we always recommend whitening your teeth first. Then it is easy to match your bonding to your whitened teeth.  This will give the best result. 

Find our more about whitening at Coatbridge Family Dental Care.

How Long Does It Last?


The lifespan of bonding is dependent on your oral hygiene and lifestyle factors, such as smoking and diet.  It is important that you attend your dentist regularly for your dental health checks and hygiene appointments. 


Many of our patients who have  bonding choose to join our Membership Plan.  This is a prevention-based plan which includes regular dental health checks and hygiene appointments, and can help you to maintain your composite bonding in the best condition.


Generally composite bonding will require some level of rejuvenation after about  5-7 years. This a simple procedure to carry out as composite can be repaired and polished very easily.

How Much Does Composite Bonding Cost?


Composite bonding is the most affordable cosmetic dental treatment.  Cost is very much dependent on the number of teeth involved and the intricacy of the treatment required.


At Coatbridge Family Dental Care composite bonding starts at £115 per tooth.


Our team will ensure that you have a detailed estimate and are happy with any costs before you agree to any treatment.


We  are also delighted to offer interest free finance.

Can I Have Composite Bonding Near Me or Do I Need To Travel into Glasgow?


There is no need to travel outwith Coatbridge for your composite bonding treatment. Bonding is available in Coatbridge at Coatbridge Family Dental Care.


Over the last 12 years, Gillian and I and the team have trained hard to ensure that as one of our patients , you can have whatever dental treatment you need, right here in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire.



Composite bonding is a fantastic option if you have healthy teeth and  want a speedy and straightforward solution to getting the perfect smile!  It is the most affordable and least invasive form of cosmetic dentistry.


It is suitable for most people and will give you the results you are looking for in just one appointment.

To talk to us about composite bonding, call us on 01236 421103, whatsapp us on 07809157802 or use our contact us form.



Blog post written 4th October 2021

(Please note prices and information are correct at time of publishing and may be subject to change. Please contact us on 01236 421103 or for the most up-to-date pricing and information)