Oral Cancer Screening

We include a thorough oral cancer screening at every new patient examination, and at every check up you have with us thereafter.

Despite being a disease which is very curable, over 2000 people die of oral cancer every year. It's vital that, even if you have no teeth, you should see us regularly for an oral cancer screening.

Oral Cancer Statistics

Are you at Risk of Oral Cancer?

  • Smoking, smokeless tobacco and chewing betel quid increase oral cancer risk.  Passive smoking also increases risk.
  • Alcohol consumption - if you regularly drink more than 3-4 units/day for men, or 2-3 units/day for women you will be at increased risk of oral cancer.
  • Infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) increases risk of oral cancer.
  • A diet rich in fruit and vegetables reduces oral cancer risk.  More than half of oral cancer cases in the UK are linked to insufficient fruit and vegetable intake.

Although almost three-quarters of oral cancer deaths are in people over 65 in the UK, there is an increasing number of young people being affected.  25% of these young people have no significant risk factors.

The important message is: early diagnosis of oral cancer = fantastic chance of cure

That's why it's important to visit us regularly to have your oral cancer screening.

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